Saturday, August 23, 2014

Coming back to my blog and my exam path

It's been a while since I updated this blog but wanted to keep people updated on my work and learning. Right now, I'm focusing on the Red Hat RHCE exam. About the end of 2012, I studied for the Red Hat RHCSA exam, which is the beginner exam focusing on the Red Hat Linux distro. The exam while difficult was a very good learning experience for myself, considering I'm still pretty new to the Linux world. Since the certification is only valid for three years, I'm working on the next certification level, the RHCE. This exam is much harder and going to be more of a challenge for myself. The last exam I was able to self study but I really feel that I would greatly benefit from taking the official training class, especially since my work is offering to pay for it. The downside is I won't have the time to full prepare to pass the exam 100% but at least it's going to be five days of asking questions and at least getting to take a exam (even if I fail). In other notes, I started up a site for the RHCSA and after it was abused by spammers, removed the entire MediaWiki install. It was painful but going to be an excuse to start it up again and remove all Red Hat trademarks from the site, just incase.

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