Sunday, March 11, 2007

Mortal Kombat

When I was younger I spent many hours at the arcade playing Mortal Kombat II. There was a pizza place near my home where I would play almost every day and even on the weekends. It's a fighting arcade game that was one of the first to use actual people instead of cartoons for character designs. Also it's known of the graphic Fatalities, which involve some method of killing the opponent at the end of fight.

While checking out some videos on Youtube, I found a Mortal Kombat II video of combos. I was able to complete a few combos my self but nothing like these ones.

Mortal Kombat II Combo video

Outlands and beyond

Finally made level 60 on my main World of Warcraft character this weekend. As soon as I got my new skills I ran out to the Outlands to check out the new content. So far the quests are reqarding with great items and just from a few hours of playing, replaced 4 items. The area is much different from the old areas, lots of new designs and even new mobs to fight. I'll post some pictures of the area.


Thursday, March 01, 2007

Leveling to 60

My World of Warcraft character is at 57, well technically 57 1/4. So far it feels like the quests are easier and I'm finishing about 4~5 a night, depending upon their location. Before at 40~50, the questing felt so slow, it took me almost a week or two to level, now it's about a week or shorter. At this rate I should be level 60 by mid March. I'm much slower than other players but I like to keep the playing time down to just a few hours a week. My rule is to only play during the week nights in rested XP, once I exceed this I stop playing. This works great since I'm making double the amount of regular XP and also it limits my playing time.

Blizzard's beta The Armory

Blizzard released a beta web site called The Armory which pulls information in real time from the World of Warcraft game servers. It's not a new idea, Everquest2 and other popular MMO games have been doing this for years. Also there has been un-offical utilities to do this as well, complete with web sites showing the new game items.

My favorite part of the new web site is the character page. Many times I tried to explain my character or copied the talent page link and send this to a friend. Now I can just copy my profile character page and send the link. This shows my character's stats, skills and any other important information.

Here's my main character, Joanda which I'm playing the most. I'm at 13 days played, and compared to other people am still not as fast for leveling. Some people can get to level 60 in 8 days played following a guide but I did a lot of exploring on this character.

Clapton Stratocaster

My friend brought in his 1980's Fender Eric Clapton Stratocaster. It's very similar to my green Stratocaster but feels nicer. The strings are lower to the frets and makes it easier to press the strings down, using less force. Also his guitar from years of playing, has a very smooth neck, almost glass like. I personally liked the shape of the neck, it's a "V" style which is different from the standard "C" shape but really perfer a stain paint finish over the glossy.

The pricing of this guitar is higher than the standard American Stratocaster, I think partly due to the Clapton name but it is a nice guitar. Personally, if I had a choice I would rather have this Ash Stratocaster instead, I really like the Cherry Sunburst color with rosewood fretboard the color looks amazing in person.