Saturday, April 29, 2006

My portfolio

Just recently I got my photography portfolio completed for my class project. Came out better than expected and shows my favorite images. You can find the link here.

Robert Freiberger's portfolio

Just a sample picture from my portfolio as well.

I tried to make the galleries a good mix of my different styles and keep them with high quality images. It actually was very difficult checking all of my 10,000 images and finding the best ones of the bunch. Honestly, I think I got the best ones and still had less than 50 images. I'm not a professional photographer but feel it's not a bad ratio.

Playing the guitar

Last year I took a live recording and sound reinforcement class at my local school. After going to this class and recording live bands, mostly jazz and classic concerts, I started to become interested in learning an instrument. I decided a piano was too big, brass horns too loud, and drums just way too loud. So I was down to either a guitar or a harmonica, I picked the guitar.

So for Christmas my parents gave me a nice Fender acoustic guitar beginner package. I played this on and off up until last month. It was a bit hard to really understand the basics at first. The few books I bought started right into playing but didn't show you how to tune the guitar or where to place your fingers. Also while playing I would get a constant "buzzzz" from the string, not sure but it was very annoying and even after pressing down hard still had this problem.

After a while I stopped playing and the guitar began to collect dust. Well one day at work, I mentioned I was trying to learn the guitar to a co-worker and how the strings keep buzzing. He said to take it over to a well known guitar shop and have the guitar correctly set up. That weekend I dropped the guitar off at Aantone's Music in Newark. For a very good price for $45, Aantone set up the guitar which included filing down the bridge, changed the strings to a lighter type, added a second strap peg, oiled the rosewood board, and adjusted the neck.

The guitar now plays much better and now I have no one to blame for buzzing except my self. :)

I'm also trying out my friend's Fender Stratocaster electric guitar which I really like. The guitar is actually made in Japan instead of the current models being made in Mexico. Right now I am using his small amp which is pretty nice but I want to play with distortion and may buy a new amp soon.

Dual monitors

Just recently I upgraded to a second monitor for my home desktop. While it might sound excessive just for home use, the second monitor is simple great for Photoshop or other applications where you need more deskspace. The problem I ran into before with using a single 19" LCD is the limited desktop resolution. At 1280x1024 you have to keep main window very small and it's not easy to multitasking across different windows. Now I can have one monitor just for Photoshop and the other just for viewing my files.

Here's an example of how the desktop looks with two monitors.