Sunday, August 09, 2015

Looking back upon O'Reilly School of Technology

As mentioned in the news, it looks like O'Reilly School of Technology is closing and giving students until end of this year to complete their course work. I posted about O'Reilly and my experience with the intro Linux class, which I liked but did have some objections. Basically, with the cost, felt you should have more materials and features included.

Looking back at the class, comparing this with the offering in 2015, it's very hard to justify the cost. Let's just use the example of the Intro to Linux class, at the time was close to $250 after a large discount. You can basically complete the same class for free through the Linux certification and Edx. Not only that, but the amount of resources has grown, not to mention more videos plus books. In other words, it's hard to pay staffing for a paid class if it's competing again free resources.

I'm hoping in the future we still see a trend towards more Linux based training. With the trend of learning to code making big waves, I still see a large lack of using Linux or even helping people take their code to live use. It's like many of these code schools are missing the gap, and they don't explain any sysadmin skills that would allow users to become "full stack".