Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Hello again!

Sorry for the delay but be working on some stuff for school. Seems like it's never ending for me, but there is light at the end of the tunnel. Just hope it's not an oncoming train!


Right now I'm working with Vangie of to produce a new web site. You can check it out here. >>

So far everything is going smooth but seems like it's going to be harder than I thought. Lots of coding will be needed and some tweaking of coding like PHP and possibly perl.

Last weekend we attending a great meeting at Jubilee Christian Center that had two successful business men talk about gaining wealth. It was pretty good and I came away learning some great facts. One fact was that 95% of new businesses fail. Ok, that was something I didn't want to hear but glad to know what hardships we might face.

The way I look at it is even if this project never gets off the ground at least we have some experience to take to the next project.

I have already figured out my next website in case DSBUILDER failes. It's going to be called Yahooo, and will be a portal search engine. :)


Just this month I moved out and into a nice small apartment. Already I found out why living in a house is so much better than an apartment. My neighbors upstairs are really loud. I live on the first floor and keep hearing "thud" "stomp-stomp-stomp" all day long. I'm going to let the apartment management know but I don't expect them to help much. Normally I'm not really bothered by the noise but it goes on until 11:30pm.

I'm considering brining over my speakers and playing some loud music one of these nights.