Thursday, August 09, 2007

Getting better

It's been a few weeks since my accident and my arm feels much better. Two weeks ago my doctor said my collar bone is healing fine and I can stop wearing the arm sling. It was the best news I heard in a while. :) It's still sore and I can't lift anything heavy, I'll need to take it easy for a while until I'm back at 100%.

Rechargeable batteries from eBay

Recently I bought a new video camera, and since the camera only comes with one battery, I bought a second as a backup. The batteries are very expensive, $150 each for the factory version. So I checked around and found on eBay they had the generic batteries available for $25 each. Normally I'm used to buying a generic battery that is maybe 1/2 or 1/4 the price of the oem, not 6 times cheaper. Basically this deal sounded too good.

Taking a chance, I bought two batteries from a 99.8% positive seller. The batteries arrived very shortly but they had some problems. First, the batteries were shipped without any padding in a regular shipping envelope. One of the batteries was broken inside, then the other had a cracked case. Inside the cracked case battery I found a no-name battery cells and a large piece of Styrofoam.

Now I haven't opened the oem battery yet but I am pretty sure it's built a bit better on the inside than this battery. If I could find a old oem battery for sale I wouldn't mind to take it apart and find out just how much they are built differently.

World of Warcraft after 70

After a long long time of playing my character in World of Warcraft, I finally achieved the final level of 70. While I didn't race through or play from 1-70 non-stop, it was still a large task getting there. My total played time was 20 days, which equals to 480 hours, or if I played 8 hours a day, 60 days. While it sounds like a long time, this is over almost 2 years.

Once at 70, you now can work on quests but instead of items or gold and experience points, you just receive items of gold. There are also other level 70 quests to complete but I haven't finished the rest of the normal quests yet. Honestly, I'm a bit tired of this character and interested to start playing more time on a priest class, maybe even on another server.

My bike rides so nice!

I've been riding around my bicycles, a 2004 Specialized Hardrock Pro in 17". I bought this bike a few years ago to start riding again and never owned a geared bike before. After riding it around I actually spent more time on the street than the dirt. On the street the bike rides nice but with the wide tires and big knobbies, it doesn't ride very smooth.

So the past weekend my bike was riding a bit rough, I think the gears felt like they needed adjustments, I brought the bike in for a free tune up. While getting the tune up I saw some new street tires and had them install the tires as well. They cost about $35 each, but they have built in armor against thorns which I really hate. Once I got the bike back, it rode so differently from before. With the new tires I could coast and roll much easier than before. Also the tires hold about 70~80psi, so they are easier to pedal than with my low pressure knobbier tires.

During the winter I want to buy a road bike but for now, I think my converted mountain bike will be a lot of fun.