Sunday, July 29, 2012

LPI LPIC-1 resources

I'm working on the exam notes but wanted to write more details I found on the exam. Below are links that may be helpful for anyone studying for the exam.

Wikibooks - LPI Certification  - Books cover the LPIC-1 and other LPI certifications
Happy Monkey LPIC-1 Certification - Long listing of the LPIC-1 certification in HTML and PDF formats
IBM Developer Network LPIC-1 Certification - This is slightly outdated but still holds many helpful details

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Anonymous said...

I find it interesting reading your blog.

I'd love a job in Linux, but right now find it impossible to apply for anything since I have no commercial experience, no portfolio or certs to show I've atleast got a basic understanding to build on.

I did start to read an LPIC book from Roderick Smith published by sybex. It was insanely dry, lacked depth and to be honest, felt like he just reproduced the man pages, only less detailed.

I might try it again, in the not-to-distant future after I've reached my goals with SQL and Python language. (looking at O'reilly's, but got put off at the extra $99US they charge to register)

Please keep sharing your experience.