Tuesday, January 27, 2004

Tonight is my Visual Basic .Net class. I actually like programming but this class I'm having some difficultly. The last time I took Visual Basic the current version was version 6. Well now .Net is the standard version and seems very different from version 6. Also keep in mind I'm taking the advanced class and you can see my problem. I'm purchased a few extra books but seems like they are either too simple or too advanced for me. I'm really a visual person and if I could see the example code I could understand it much better but most of the books just show you a few lines and not all of the code. All is not lost! This just means a better challenge and with some extra lab time I should over come the hill. :)

Today I found a very cool idea for keeping my finger warm while riding. From another site I read about installing handguards on the SV from a Kawasaki KLR 650 dual sport. Now I know it's going to look tacky but if my fingers stay warm it's worth it! I think my fingers just don't like the cold weather, they get so cold even with my extra thick gloves. The other night I dropped my bike from stalling in a turn and really think that if I was wearing my regular gloves I could have caught the bike. Instead I was wearing my moto-mittens and could feel my Precious fall from my hands almost in slow motion! D'Oh! If the handguards work I'm going back to my Helimot 365 gloves.

Here's the site where I found the info, also lots of motorcycle trips she has detailed. Good site!

On a side note, found a few books I want to buy at Borders today. Mostly about personal finance and how to save your money. The past two years I been cutting down my spending and cutting back my debt. Wondering if these books have any other ideas for saving money other than the basics such as "don't use credit cards" and "spend what you have". I just read over a few very quickly and saw some of the same topics repeated, "spend cash, not credit". Makes sense since most credit cards are charging you 10~20%. Doesn't sound like much when your charged $15 finance but over the year it adds up.

Speaking of books, have to link my favorite book store.Amazon, and for tech/computer books I visit Bookpool, both have great prices and fast shipping.


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