Monday, January 26, 2004

Back at work, 7AM this morning. My daily duties include Backups for Window servers, monitoring Exchange 2000, building servers, basic network trouble shooting, and Active Directory administration. I have been working here for a little over 3 years, lots of great people and learned so much more than in my tech classes. I found out that things can go down for no reason, data circuits will be disconnected at any time, and your backups will fail the same time you need to have a restore done ASAP. Murphy's Law is in effect.

On another note I was driving into work this morning passing by my old high school. I was approaching the crosswalk right in front of the highschool when I saw the opposing car come to a complete stop. I slowed down too and just barley noticed a young girl wearing all black walking quickly across the street, a 4 lane road. Lucky I was paying attention and noticed the car. After I drove away I was really thinking how hard it was to see her. Usually people have a least some white or silver color on their shoes or clothing but she was decked out in all black, going for the Robert Smith look. Maybe I'm just too safe when riding my motorcycle but wearing some reflective gear would have made a huge difference for the girl walking across the street. I also like the industrial look of emergency worker gear, just seems more function than fashion.

If you really want to be seen on a motorcycle there is nothing less bright than a Hi-Viz Aerostich Roadcrafter!
Aerostich Roadcrafter review
I have the Aerostich swatch samples at home, this color is just too bright even for me! I could deal with Hi-Viz accents but not the whole suit.

Oh BTW my friend Kevin is a big fan of military weapons, mostly the M-16 and M4 rifles, the current firearms they are using in the Iraqi war. Well since they are banned in California the only other way to really buy one is a air soft replica. Air soft is replica markers that look like real firearms. Most of the time they are made out of plastic but are weighted to feel real, some use compressed air for power, others use batteries. The typical cost is starting around $50 for a spring powered handgun and about $300 for a full sized rifle. Now that seems like a lot of money but considering these are very realistic models and they do not have the dangers of real firearms, I think it's a win/win. I would like to buy one to set in a display, or even have every famous movie weapon! The M60 from Rambo, Mac-10 from Boys from the Hood, MP5 from Matrix, Beretta 93R from Underworld, PSG-1 from Sniper, Barrnet .50 BMG from Navy Seals, .44 Mag from Dirty Harry. lol Man that would be a big list.


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