Saturday, January 24, 2004

Last night I picked up the new Fangoria magazine.

Few interesting movies are coming out this summer. First is a remake of Dawn of the Dead, from George Romero in 1978. Horror fans will remember this film as one of the greatest zombie films, and my personal favorite. Deals with 4 people running from the zombies and holding up in a large shopping mall. My biggest consern is will the zombies act like the "post-Return of the Living Dead" zombies or the classic George Romero style zombies. Personally I like the slower style zombies of Romero films. There is something scary about the fact they are dead but still walking towards you. With the newer films such as 28 Days Later the film is making the zombies more scary you from surprise, like a old slasher film.

Here's the web site for Dawn of the Dead 2004

Also seems like Steven Sommers is releasing a new film titled, "Van Helsing" about the famed vampire hunter. Starting as Van Helsing is Hugh Jackman of X-Men fame, and also has Kate Beckinsale aka Selene from the Underworld movie. Should be a really good movie, I love the Mummy series and Kate Beckinsale's role in Underworld. Personally I'm expecting lots of CG special effects and lots of action, much like the Mummy films.

Here's the web site for Van Helsing:


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