Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Last night in my Visual Basic .Net class I was really getting lost on the coding and steps. I had a basic understanding of version 6 but the new version was different. So while I was trying to figure out my program which takes 5 class averages and displays the results, I found out that the example code is on the teacher's web site! Man, I was looking for that and would have been so helpful. Then to top it off I found the Microsoft Visual Basic web page, tons of information. I downloaded a package of 100 sample codes, very helpful and also the Resource Kit for .Net.

This weekend I'm going to work more on my homework, the instructor gave us another week to complete it. Things are looking up. :)

Going back to my motorcycle, I received the GSXR-1000 turn signals last night. Good news is the pattern is the same for the SV650 and looks like even the plug connector will fit. I lucked out and bought the rear fender, two signals for $25 on eBay. Right after I bought the item the seller jumped his price to $50! I really wanted to buy another set but didn't want to pay that much, they are $30 each brand new. Overall the GSXR signals are cleaner looking and personally look better than the stock SV signals. I know most people just replace the turn signals with flush mounts but I ride in traffic and need all the help I can get. Also I just never liked the quality of LP or any of those flush mount/short stalk signals, they are almost disposable.

This weekend I'm going to install the signals on my rear, still waiting for the front replacement from Oneida Suzuki and the brake lever. Both items broken from dropping the bike.

If you own a Suzuki you should look at Oneida Suzuki for your parts. They are the cheapest I have found. Just as an example, oil filter for the SV is $6 from Oneida, $12 at my local dealer. Even factory parts like the seat cowl is $25 cheaper than retail. The shipping is a bit slow but I ordered a few times from them and I always been happy.

With my classes I haven't had much time to ride, I really need to get out. I miss riding and taking photos, so relaxing. This summer I'm planning a trip down south. Going to visit my friend who I used to ride with here in the Bay Area. Need to make a map of the area and plan it out. I always get confused when I go riding and some how end up home every time. Kinda like those messenger pigeons.


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