Thursday, September 23, 2004

Ok, I'll be honest. I completely forgot about my Blog. In the middle of canceling my past hosting provider and not backing up my files, I didn't pay attention to the blog folder. Should be seeing more postings here. Possibly even daily!

So what's new?

Well school has been extra hard this season. Felt like I was learning Russian in a class room full of Russians. On the recommendation of my instructor he said I should drop the class and take the self paced class. If this was anything else I wouldn't have such a hard time but math is just hard for me. I think it's all of the numbers and formulas. For some strange reason I can tell you the specs of every motorcycle, car but when it comes to stuff that is actually useful my brain is too full with junk.

Other than that everything is going well. My bike is going well, car is a different story. Every now and then my car alarm will just go off by it's self. It happend around 1AM, just BEE--OOORRR--BEE-OOORRR!!! After that I was driving home and the alarm went off again, this time while driving.

After the second time I decided to just ride the bike, and take the car when I'm carrying my notebook.

Yesterday during lunch I found some good books over at Borders in Pleasanton. A few books on Java, and Windows scripting. Both looked interesting, but the Java books were $80 each.


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