Thursday, September 30, 2004


Today was a hard day at work. I don't think my job is that hard or challenging but today I felt like I was being pulled in different directions. Our department is over worked and understaffed, so that means that I'm usually multi tasking during the job. The only problem with this something simple like setting up a computer will take all day, instead of just 30 mins. While I did get more things done I just felt like the day flew by and not that much got completed. Sometimes I eat lunch at my desk but today I just felt like I needed to get out and relax so I walked to the pizza shop down the street. Good news I had a slice of pizza from Vinny's 2 Go,an little shop down the street.

After work I drove over to Borders to finish up some studying but when I walked through the door the security alarm went off. Thinking nothing of it I just walked to the cafe, but was stopped by a worker asking if I just purchased anything recently.

After telling him that I was carrying nothing purchased recently I asked if he wanted me to leave. He said no but the problem was that after I would leave the alarm would go off again. Normally I'm pretty easy going with store workers over a security issue, anyone who has worked retail knows the systems are not perfect and small things like a cell phone can cause a problem.

Instead of just letting me go sit down in the cafe he continued to stand in front of me while I look in my backpack for the item causing the alarm. My backpack holds my notebook and other items; I really didn't want to empty out everything just to get past the security alarm. Finally I just said I'll leave and went home. I was really tired and hungry too.

On the drive home I recalled the incident in the bookstore and felt I did the right thing and left. The guy was really worried that I might steal something, since I was wearing a backpack while entering the store I might have been a suspect. It’s just strange because if I set the alarm off again while exiting he could always ask to search my bag, I would have no problem of that. I was just a bit shocked at the way he dealt with the issue, I have never been asked to not enter a business. Some where in the back of my mind I wonder if he thought I was Hispanic and since the security alarm went off, gave him an excuse to keep me out. I hope it's not true because I hate to think of racial discrimination still going on today.


Today I got an e-mail from my friend that she registered a domain name for the business project we are starting. It’s a bit exciting to think of starting a business from the ground up but it’s going to be a big learning experience and hoping that we will succeed. If we don’t then I know in the future what not to do and can make a correction with the next business.


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