Saturday, February 21, 2004


I haven't updated with any blogs for a while! My birthday was on Thursday, 29 years old. :) Seems like not too long ago I was just turing 21 and before that it was 18. I read somewhere that after 21 the rest of your birthdays just fly by, how true. One of my friends was surprised to know that I was turing 29, most people think I'm younger by a few years than my actual age. This has it's good and bad points. One of the bad points is getting carded and sometimes at work people don't take you seriously since you look younger. Good point is you don't look older than your age. :) It's funny when I mention my age to people. If you didn't know my age most people would say I look like I'm in my early 20's. It's easy to mistake someone's age, at the local motorcycle meets I remember one rider with a new bike, appeared to be in his late 30's. When reading a local motorcycle page I saw a link for his web site and after reading it, a very nice site by the way, he was actually one year younger than me! Maybe my age guessing skills are off?

For my birthday I went to dinner with my Mom, and got a cholate birthday cake. :) Since it was on a weekday I'm saving for celebrating on a day off or on a sunny day. Also I need to take some time off from work, I'm maxxed out on vacation time. For my vacation I'm planning some fun things. Number one is to visit my buddy in Southern California, San Diego to be exact. I'm planning to ride my bike down and is going to be my longest trip on a motorcycle. So far I have ridden about 350 miles in a day, and for the trip don't expect to go much further. Two choices I have is either follow the coast going down, which will be an awesome view, or take the fast and yet much boring Highway 5.

Another idea for a vacation is to take a train ride some place. I would like to visit the Sacramento train museum by taking Amtrak there. Tickets are bit expensive but it would be fun. When I was in grade school I had a field trip to the state capital and stopped by the train museum but that was years ago. As the summer approaches I'm thinking of more vacation ideas, I'll post them as I find some.

Motorcycle stuff

Here's an update to the Aerostich review. I posted before that I first ordered an 38L one piece which was fitting snug but when wearing my back protector a bit too tight. So I decided to order a two piece in size 40R with a zip in ellipse. A ellipse is a zip in spacer to make the suit easier to lean forward on aggressive sport bikes. After wearing the new two piece suit I think the fitment is a bit different from a one piece. As with my Joe Rocket textile gear, the two piece suit is more snug around the waist area from the addition of a zipper. Also after getting in and out of the two piece suit it feels like the additional zipper in the middle makes the suit harder to wear.

When wearing the two piece it seems better for touring or when your on the bike for hours. The one piece is usually recommend for sport riding and getting to work/school. I'm starting to think about returing the two piece for a one piece, only problem is this will be my third suit and the shipping prices are starting to add up. The last suit I shipped back cost about $20 for USPS and insurance. While it is expensive to keep shipping suits back and forth I think it's worth it to have the correct size. As for the color I'm between black with silver or hi-viz yellow with black. Hi-Viz is that yellow/lime green color fire trucks are painted with. According to stats of safety, Hi-Viz painted fire trucks have 300% less collisions in traffic than the standard red painted trucks. Interesting point but makes me wonder who runs into a 10 ton firetruck painted bright red?


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