Monday, September 27, 2004


Last night I spoke to a good friend expecting to hear about the weekend and his step sisters wedding. Instead we discussed how he felt like he will never find someone to marry. He started telling me all of his faults, which personally I felt he was being too hard on him self. Each of these faults was another reason for being alone. I could hear myself a year ago with each complaint he made about himself. I used to think the same idea that something was wrong with me, keeping me alone in life. Then I woke up and changed my view of thinking. Not everyone follows the perfect path of life.

It’s hard to go to weddings as a single person approaching the 30’s. People expect you to follow the normal path of life; finish college, find a special person, get married, buy a house then have 1.5 children.

For some people, God has a different path for them. Maybe they will have an unexpected child born before they found someone to marry, or left school to work and never finished college not even high school. Either way I don’t believe just because you took a different path you can not live a great life.

Sometimes I wonder what it would be like to go back and start my life over. What would I do differently from what I did the first time? I know I would take my school work more seriously, maybe even finish college on time instead of waiting so long. So many things I would change.

Then I realize that the path I chose gave me all of my friends and experiences that built my character as I am now. I’m thankful that I have awesome friends, family that cares for me and a good job. I wouldn’t trade that for the world. Well maybe a couple of gold plated Ducati motorcycles… ;)

After talking to my friend I told him how I had the same doubts and life is not always going to follow the plans you set out. He agreed, and thanked me for just helping him and talking about his problems.

Just glad to help out.


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