Saturday, September 25, 2004

Work has been a tad busy this week. Sometimes it's really slow, I can do things like clean my desk or chat with the other workers but other days it's busy, just running around all day.

This week at work I got a task list from my manager and most of the items are done but some needed more details, so I called a meeting with other users from different departments. Now I really dislike meetings. I don't think they are a waste of time but typically you end up spending more time explaining the problem to everyone in the meetings and by the time you are actualy discussing the problem the meeting is almost over.

I just perfer to work on a problem one on one instead of having many people deal with it.


Not sure if you know but for the past year I have been looking to move out. I've been living in my parent's house and feel it's time to move on. I get along pretty well with my parents but would like to have my own place, and possibly more space to play my records. :) I just miss having the extra room to lay everything out. For a while I was considering moving to Pleasanton to be closer to work but then I realize that I would still travel to Fremont for my school, family and friends. After discussing it with some of my friends I felt it's better to stay in Fremont. Also it's closer to other big cities.

Another plus is being close to my parent's house in case of anything they need me for and if I need to store my motorcycle I can have a safe place in their garage.

The down side of this is I have little to none furinture. I would need buy a bed, desk, nightstand, dresser, basically the works. While it's going to be a big change for me I feel that it's something for the better.

Saturday I will go looking for an apartment again and hoping to find a nice place. Just want a first floor place with a nice view. :) Also some place that doesn't mind the late night music turned up loud. heee.heee.


Also went to service today at Jubilee tonight. I really enjoy the Friday service, a bit relaxed from the Sunday service and less people. Tonight they talked about Acts chapter 7 where the seven were chosen to go among the city and spread the word of God. It's interesting to read about the start of the religion from this point and taking on a new idea.

Here's a picture from the outside.

Here's the inside.


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