Saturday, August 22, 2009

Some good job information from Microsoft

While I don't like some of the things Microsoft has done in the past, I have to give them credit for offering a lot of free videos and great tips on their sites. After searching around about certifications I found a Microsoft web site with lots of information about find a job, changing a career and where to go next.

It's focused for people in the IT world but I watched the videos and they honestly would work with anyone, it's basic job hunting skills.

The videos are under the "Get Started" section, listed as "Thrive Live" parts 1 to 3.

Microsoft Thrive - Getting Started

At first seeing all of this information focused on finding a job worried me but honestly, I like that a big company like Microsoft offers these small videos. I know they are pushing to sell their books and certifications for more sales of their software. Eh, it's still free.

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