Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Haven't updated the blog in a while, I was working on my final projects for school and finally graduated. While relaxing I ended up breaking my collar bone while riding at a bmx park. Actually crashed on a small dirt jump but slammed into the next jump, causing the break.

My crash and an update

It looks painful but I was lucky and it was more of a shock than anything. The first week was tough, just sleeping was hard but now it's more annoying wearing the sling. Hopefully I get healed up quick and back to normal status.

BMX history

I've been a fan of BMX bikes for a while. They were my first bike and did lots of riding when I was younger. I stopped riding around 1996 when it was harder and harder to find places to ride. Also I didn't know anyone who rode then, just myself, everyone was doing the car thing or just not interested in bikes.

So recently I been riding my mountain bike and found a few friends who started a street ride. I got to ride around San Jose, like we used to do when I was younger with my friends. Nothing much but riding around and having fun. Here's a short video I made of the ride.

After this ride, we ended up going to Pleasanton BMX park for the next ride. This was a lot of fun but I did more filming than actual riding. Here's another video of Pleasanton.

RC cars

Since I need to get some rest I bought a remote control truck. It's a Team Losi LST2, a nitro gas powered truck. It's really big 1/8 scale and tough but I have some issues with the truck starting. With nitro engines it's very picky on the jetting of the gas and other issues. So after a few hours of wondering why it won't start I found out that from the factory it's set incorrectly.

Finally I got it started but now it won't hold an idle. Researching on the Internet this seems like a common problem with nitro cars and basic learning experience. Hopefully I can get the truck running this weekend.

RAD the movie

If you never seen RAD it's a classic bmx movie from the 80's. Nothing is really special about this film but it's the bmx version of Thrashin that was a film all amount skateboarding. Recently I found the full version on the Internet and it's fun to rewatch the movie.

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