Monday, November 14, 2005

Small computer

I've been looking for a new desktop computer. My last desktop is about 5 years old and just doesn't have the power any more. In fact my notebook is actually faster, been using this most of the time.

Since I'm used to something smaller, I was deciding upon the smaller SFF computers. SFF stands for "small form factor", they are the size of a small filing box or big shoe box. Really nice to have a computer on your desk but still save space. Here's one I'm reading about.

The Shuttle SN26P is really nice, complete with SLI for two graphic cards and support for X2 AMD processors. It's a tad expensive at $600 (barebones) but it is small and that's what you pay for. lol


Recently on a local motorcycle forum I say a message with the title, "do you have a god or gods?". Normally I that a careful stance on questions about faith. It's not that I don't like discussing these questions but I find that many times it's becomes far from a normal discussion. Well after reading the comments I was surprised to see how many people did not believe in a God or even had faith in different religions. Maybe those with faith didn't post their comments? After reading the entire posting, about 100 comments from various people with a 70/30 split, the majority aganist religions, I started thinking deeping into the question.

Maybe for the lower amount of people who have a belief or faith could be related to motorcycle riding? Sometimes I think of the motorcycle as more risky and in a slightly related idea, if you live without thinking about the afterworld, you might also take a chance on what happends when you die as well. I'll do some more reading into it but seems like an interesting topic.


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